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Drug Charges Defense Lawyer in Lombard

Addison Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Elmhurst Attorney for Clients Charged With Drug Crimes

For the last forty years or so, state and national law enforcement agencies have spent countless hours and resources on the now-infamous "War on Drugs." Their efforts and those of lawmakers across the country have led to the enactment of mountains of legislation that impose harsh penalties and long-lasting consequences for individuals convicted of drug-related offenses. In recent years, public opinion and policies have largely begun to evolve regarding the possession and use of marijuana, but other substances such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines are still causing serious issues in cities and communities throughout the United States.

At The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C., we recognize that a conviction on any type of drug charges can change your life forever. The penalties associated with such crimes often include expensive fines and lengthy prison sentences, as well as a criminal record that could make you ineligible for certain jobs and educational programs. If you are facing drug charges, we can provide the aggressive yet responsible representation you need.

Protecting Your Rights in Maywood and Villa Park

The severity of a drug charge and the associated criminal consequences generally depend on the type and the amount of the drug in question. In most situations, the case against a suspect relies largely on the evidence found by police during a search. Such searches, however, are not always conducted properly. The Fourth Amendment guarantees you the right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures, so if you believe that your rights have been violated, we are prepared to help.

Attorney Mia McPherson is a former local prosecutor and public defender who has handled hundreds of drug-related cases throughout her career. She understands that an illegal search may lead to the full dismissal of the charges against you. Our team is also prepared to negotiate with prosecutors in when appropriate in pursuit of a favorable outcome that both protects your rights and minimizes the impact on your future.

Berkeley Drug Crimes Defense Counsel

Recent changes to the law in Illinois have created a medical marijuana program and made the possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana a civil offense, roughly equivalent to a parking ticket. Possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana, however, will still result in criminal charges, as will the possession of any other illicit substances and paraphernalia. At The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C., we handle drug charges of all types, including the possession, possession with intent to deliver, and trafficking of:

  • Marijuana, in amounts greater than 10 grams;
  • Heroin, fentanyl, and other opiates;
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine;
  • Methamphetamines;
  • MDMA, including Molly and ecstasy;
  • LSD;
  • PCP; and
  • Prescription drugs without a prescription.

Regardless of the amount and the type of drug in question, our firm will ensure your rights are fully protected.

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