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DuPage County Repeat DUI Defense Lawyer

Elmhurst Felony DUI Defense Attorney

Lombard Attorney for Those Facing Felony Drunk Driving or Drugged Driving Charges

Despite decades of awareness campaigns and educational efforts, drinking and driving continue to be a major problem throughout Northern Illinois and across the country. Each year, countless individuals in Illinois are pulled over under the suspicion that they are driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, and thousands are actually arrested and charged. Just one conviction on a DUI charge could result in serious criminal consequences, including probation, hefty fines, and jail time. A second or subsequent conviction will result in even more severe penalties. If you are facing charges related to a second, third, or subsequent DUI, the knowledgeable team at The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C. is prepared to offer the skilled guidance you need.

Experienced Counsel for DUI Cases in Addison and Villa Park

As a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Mia S. McPherson has been representing clients throughout DuPage County and the surrounding areas for 20 years. Prior to entering private practice, she served as a local prosecutor as well as a public defender, positions which have afforded her insight into the criminal justice system from both sides of the courtroom. She now puts that experience and skill to work in protecting the rights of defendants charged with driving under the influence and a variety of other criminal offenses.

Hillside Attorney for Repeat Offenders and Felony DUI

A DUI charge in Illinois may be a Class A misdemeanor for a first or second offense, but the charges can be elevated to a felony offense for a variety of reasons. A DUI may be enhanced to a felony if it is a third or subsequent arrest, if the accused is also driving while license revoked or suspended, if the accused is driving without liability insurance, and/or if there was an accident that resulted in serious injury or death.

While first-time DUI offenders are often eligible for diversionary programs and other alternatives to full prosecution, repeat offenders are often not so fortunate. That does not mean, however, that there is no hope. At The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C., we will explore every possibility for reducing or eliminating the charges against you, even for a second or third offense. We are also not afraid to take your case to trial, and we will fight on your behalf in pursuit of a favorable outcome. Our team will challenge the arrest, we will challenge the results of BAC testing, we will challenge the evidence collected against you, we will challenge the methods utilized by law enforcement. As a DUI defendant, you have rights, and we will work tirelessly to protect them.

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If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Northern Illinois, contact our office right away. It is important to speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Call 630-833-3611 for a free, initial consultation at The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C. today. Located in Elmhurst, our firm serves clients in Lombard, Hillside, Northlake, Berkeley, Bellwood, Maywood, Addison, Villa Park, Bensenville, DuPage County and the surrounding areas.

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