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DuPage County Gun Charges Lawyer

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Defense Attorney for Firearms Violations in Lombard and Elmhurst

The state of Illinois has long been known for its strict laws regarding the private ownership of firearms and the concealed carrying of weapons. In recent years, the state legislature has enacted several measures that have loosened the restrictions to an extent, but the state remains among the toughest in the nation regarding gun control.

At The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C., we realize that a weapons charge is a very serious matter and is often prosecuted as a felony. This means that a conviction on a single charge could result in expensive fines, probation, a revocation of your right to own a firearm, and possible prison time. When you are facing weapons charges, it is important to work with a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and help you avoid a conviction if at all possible.

Illegal Possession of a Firearm in Illinois

According to Illinois law, if you wish to own or carry a firearm, you must apply for and obtain a Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card provided by the Illinois State Police. Those who wish to carry a concealed firearm must also obtain a Concealed Carry License (CCL). The processes for obtaining each permit are exhaustive but necessary to facilitate legal gun ownership in Illinois. It is against the law to own a firearm without a valid FOID, and depending on the circumstances, illegal possession could constitute a Class 3 felony.

It is important to keep in mind that a person who has been issued a FOID and CCL is not given the right to carry a gun wherever or whenever he or she wants. It is a violation of state law to carry a firearm:

  • In any bar or other establishments with a liquor license;
  • In any government building, including courthouses, airports, and correctional facilities;
  • In a school, university, library, or daycare center;
  • In any health care facility, including hospitals and nursing homes;
  • On any form of public transportation, including buses and trains;
  • At any public gatherings;
  • In public parks, playgrounds, sports arenas, or athletic facilities; or
  • In an amusement park, zoo, museum, or casino.

It is not uncommon for weapons charges to be filed in conjunction with charges for other crimes, such as burglary, robbery, and aggravated assault or battery.

Experienced Addison Criminal Defense Lawyer

For 20 years, Attorney Mia S. McPherson has been helping clients throughout DuPage County and the surrounding areas with their most challenging criminal cases. As a former public defender and local prosecutor, she understands the importance of protecting the rights of those charged with weapons offenses. In many cases, the weapon in question represents the most crucial evidence for the prosecution. If the weapon was found and seized during an illegal or improper search, the charges could be dismissed completely. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are facing weapons charges, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf.

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